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Colorful stalls are set up at the festival, which introduces Aegean herbs to the world and Turkey. At Alaçatı Herb Festival, you can get to know the different herbs that grow in the Aegean Region. Herb Festival; You can find dozens of herbs such as Çeşme’s local famous artichoke, Şevketi bostan, cibes, tangle, radish herb, sea cowpea and thyme at Alaçatı herb festival. Within the scope of the festival, many activities are organized, from getting to know these herbs, from collecting trips to cooking workshops, from weed and herbal nutrition seminars to concerts. The cortege of the entertaining festival, with the talks and workshops of valuable academic staff and cooks, is also the scene of colorful scenes and hundreds of people accompany the cortege. You can also taste the dishes made with herbs at the stands set up during the festival. Among the herb dishes you should especially taste are herbed pastries, herb dessert and herbed rice. On the last day of the Herb Festival, competitions for the most herbs collector and cooking the best herb meal are held at the Alaçatı Amphitheater. It is a festival that attracts many visitors from the surrounding cities and even from abroad. With events and competitions, guests have the opportunity to meet new people. Millions of visitors attend the festival every year, which is visited by famous names from the world of art and music, as well as travelers.


The International Kite Festival, held in Reisdere, is supported by the Martı Kite Club, as every year. Professional kite makers from Germany, Italy, France, Belgium and Indonesia present a visual feast in the sky with different kites, most of which they have designed themselves. One day before the festival, a kite-making workshop is organized for children by professional kite makers, while children have fun to the fullest by flying their own kites and kites distributed free of charge by Çeşme Municipality throughout the festival.


Ildırı Culture and Art Festival aims to raise awareness among the local people and visitors about the ancient city of Erythrai, whose archaeological excavations are continuing, to ensure historical continuity, and to provide economic development in the place where the local people live. The festival is held at the end of August. Ildırı, which is a delicious stop with artichokes, fish restaurants, lokma dessert and breakfast places; It is also uniquely beautiful, especially with its sunset view. During the festival, the local women of Ildırı sell their products and exhibit their hand crafts. The festival also includes concerts and theater performances and ceramic workshops.


Ovacık Agriculture and Mastic Sheep Festival aims to preserve and keep alive the endemic species of melon, mastic tree, scallions, barley wheat, thyme and lavender, as well as keeping the mastic sheep, a characteristic species, alive and increasing the number of breeders.