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“Şifne Thermal”, which is among the first thermal hotels of tourism in Çeşme, has been serving its guests who come to rest and find healing since 1969. Located in the Gulf of Şifne, “Şifne Thermal Hotel” is an accommodation facility especially preferred by guests who want to heal, relax and have a holiday with its beachfront location and thermal pools.


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When was the last time you did something for your health? Imagine. When did you go on a truly relaxing holiday to rest your body and mind, which you have been so tired of amid all the hustle and bustle of life? If your body is telling you that you need some rest now, it’s time to visit us.


Şifne Thermal Hotel serves you both in your happy days and in your meetings with its indoor and outdoor restaurants, wide grass fields and beachfront activity areas.


Room decoration (Fake rose petals, balloon, candle)
Breakfast and newspaper in the room on the morning of the first day
10% discount on dinner, extras and massage
On the first evening, a fruit plate and small wines are served in the room.


Şifne Thermal Hotel serves you both in your happy days and in your meetings with its indoor and outdoor restaurants, wide grass fields and beachfront activity areas.


The Massage section of Şifne Thermal Hotel provides service for two months, providing the comfort of living these three experiences one after the other, where you can relieve the tiredness and stress of the day first, then with the sea thermal pool and finally with a massage.

Our Guest Reviews

Birhan Demir Booking.com

Whatever I expect from a holiday, it is the place where I find the perfect match. There are 2 thermal pools that are regularly emptied and cleaned every day. A thousand thanks to the masseur who gave me a wonderful massage experience. Even though it was my first time getting a massage, I said why didn't I have it done until today. It also has a pier on the sea. The beach is sandy and clean.”

Abdullah Hotels.com

The new towels and bedding in the rooms were of high quality and clean. The staff were very good with their kindness and sympathetic approach. The breakfast buffet had plenty of varieties such as jam and cheese. They didn't even forget the savoiardi biscuit. Thank you to the staff for everything. Very early in the morning people swimming in the pool and disturbing our sleep. The entrance time to the pool should be delayed, thank you

Enver Yiğit Google

The rooms are very spacious. The beds are comfortable. Bathrobes are available and you can use them for the sea and the pool. The most important service that makes this hotel stand out is that we benefit from both the sea and the thermal pool. The sea is like linen, the pool is hygienic. The staff is very caring. We ate sea bass for dinner. It was delicious. Prices are normal. I would recommend.

Dilek D. Tripadvisor

This hotel is by the sea, there are 2 thermal pools. It is clean, the cuisine is delicious. The staff are friendly, the prices are very affordable. Even if you have a house here, it is a place where you can enjoy daily on very windy days in Çeşme.

Çiğdem K. Tripadvisor

We chose the thermal hotel for the holidays. We stayed in renovated standard rooms. The room was very large and it had a nice balcony. The pool was emptied and cleaned daily. We stayed in a room with breakfast included, the staff were devoted and hardworking.

Hasret Ergör Google

It is a business owned by the Municipality of Cesme. It is ideal for a quiet day away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Prices are very affordable. The entrance fee is 40 TL per person. Bringing food and drink from outside is forbidden. There are also 2 thermal pools.”

Valentina Trip.com

Комфортабельные номера, удобные кровати, ощутимый эффект от пребывания в термальной воде. Очень понравились завтрак и ужин. Хорошие цены на питание по меню и на шведский стол. Очень дружелюбный персонал по отношению к гостям и друг к другу. Бассейны сливают каждый вечер в 18 часов, чистят и снова набирают ночью. Оперативная стирка одежды по запросу. Поддержание чистоты на территории.

Evgeniia Trip.com

Уединение. Вокруг больше нет отелей и вообще какой-либо цивилизации особо. Вся бухта полностью твоя. Каждый день в бассейны наливали новую термальную воду,а вечером тщательно мыли бассейны. Приветливый, но немного ленивый персонал не всегда вовремя обнаруживал закончившиеся тарелки,закончившуюся еду и т.д. на завтраке.

Berkhan Vatansever Neredekal.com

The location of the facility is very good. There is both a thermal pool and beach. The hotel staff are friendly and very helpful. Food and beverage prices are quite affordable, especially when considering local average prices. Rooms are very clean. The furniture is old, the bathroom ceramics are white and old-style. If it doesn't bother you, it's the best hotel to stay in Cesme at this price.










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  • Oda süslemesi (Yapma gül yaprakları, balon, mum)
  • İlk günün sabahı odaya kahvaltı ve gazete
  • Akşam yemeği, (ekstralarda ve masajda %10 indirim)
  • İlk akşam odaya meyve tabağı ve küçük şaraplardan ikram.