After seeing Alaçatı, you will not want to be anywhere else to surf. Alaçatı is the most interesting and diverse area among the surfing regions of Europe. With its pristine cover, the surf center is in a V-shaped cove with clear water. It is one of the most important surfing centers in Europe with its various wind conditions and ideal surfing area. In this region where the sea water is quite shallow, the wind also blows from the north.

From June to mid-September, an average of 4-6 winds blow, and in April-October, 50% south wind blows and creates beautiful waves. Alaçatı is like a region made for surfers. The most beautiful feature of Alaçatı is that the wind blows from the left, that is, as a breeze, and regular waves are formed even in strong winds. The fact that the current is in the same direction as the wind makes surfers experience insatiable moments. Alaçatı is also undoubtedly the most reliable one among the regions with breeze winds. Here, four different winds caress the Çeşme Peninsula extending into the Aegean. The fact that Meltem, Lodos, Poyraz and Gerence winds visit the region throughout the year is another beauty.